Blunham Village Web Site.

Links to pages that I maintain on this and other web-sites.

+I maintain the Genuki pages for the County of Yorkshire, Bedfordshire, Huntingdonshire and Cambridgeshire (around 26,000 pages). These pages are hosted on the Genuki server.
+I had an interest in aircraft from an early age and take photographs whenever I go on a visit where there are aircraft. Some of these are:
       Duxford Aircraft in 2004
       Duxford Vehicles and Guns 2004
       RAF Cosford Museum Aircraft
       RAF Cosford Museum Missiles
+A set of pages giving information on how to format images (pictures) for use on the web, and which file format you should use for which type. If you have web pages of your own, you may learn something to assist you from these pages.
+A page of links to web pages dealing with Genealogy for specific families in Yorkshire (you can have your own added if you want).
+A free document: If you are doing family history research, you will probably find that you need a form to hand to your relatives etc. for them to fill in giving details of places of birth, marriage, wives, husbands, siblings etc. I have produced a form to do this which you can get from the Genuki Yorkshire site in MS Word 6 format. It is intended that one of these forms should be completed by each couple.
+ A large table (83K) of the Archbishops of Britain from the first one, to present day. The table also includes the major Bishops.
+The transcription of "The English Peerage" (Volume II. only) dated 1790.
+A short Bibliography of each of the Kings and Queens of England and Scotland, and some of the people around them.

+Due my interest in Genealogy, I have quite a good collection of rare books (mainly on Yorkshire). I am slowly scanning these and placing the results on CDrom which I have for sale on my CDrom Website.

+ Links to other places on the Web

+ GENUKI , the leading site for U.K. and Ireland Genealogy.
+June Ridsdale has a collection of (mainly old) Yorkshire Recipes - have you any to add?
+Airport parking: The Airport Parking Shop has pulled together the parking companies information for the UK airports.
+Your own (free) local search engine: Are you like me and have megabytes of data that you keep needing to search? About 3 years ago, I bought an excellent program to do just this called Wilbur. Once you have indexed the data, it takes only a second or two to find a given word or words even with 250megabytes. It presents a list of the files containing the word(s) and shows the word within each file one at a time. Wilbur was shareware, but Wilbur is now free, and I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone needing to do text searches (web pages, email, etc. etc.) on their own computer.
+ Are you a Wonnacott, or do you have Wonnacotts in your family line? If so, then my friend Paul Wonnacott would love to hear from you, particularly if you can add some more information to his Wonnacott WWW pages., Australian booksellers - rare, old, out of print books and book search engine.


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