Bygone Guernsey and its Coins

Bill Exley

A view in St. Peter Port c late 1800's perhaps early 1900's looking up Market Steps to the Market Square/ Place . Note the elegant Victorian attire of the crowd, most would be chatting in the local Guernsey Patois or even pure French. To the left of Market Sq. is the States Arcade / Market Halls built in 1822 with huge lofty seperate areas. They specialised in Flowers, Fruit and Vegatables, Meats and the Fish Market. This will exit out into Fountain St., Bordage and Mill St. On the right of Market Squars. the French Halles . I think now { 16/02/2018 }it has all been changed into mini commercial units catering for locals and the many Island.Visitors.In this scene of Guernsey life, notice on the right the Horse drawn Char-a-Bancs {Char-a-Bang}. used to take people home .I can still remember that way back in the the late 1940's and early 1950's , there would be lines of six to ten waiting at the White Rock berth to transfer passengers from Mailboats. These were the Isle of Guernsey, St. Julian, Isle of Jersey, The Sarnia and St. Patrick, later we now have 'Chara-a-Bang' as an excursion..


Here follows a Montage of Bygone Guernsey from views I have had for 65 years { B.E. }  



A similar view to my Title header but titled Market Place. From an early Moss Print  


Following this montage of Bygone Guernsey is my publication of 'Guernsey Coinage' in 1968 - 50 Years Anniversary =. Also a Sunday Times Review 16/12/68 = See link below.

Guernsey Coinage

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