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Blunham Pubs: The Railway Inn

(Greene King)

By Bill Exley

The Railway Tavern, early 1960s
102 Station Road (The Conifers) 2001


This Public House ( one of 8 ) was at the end of Station Road, adjacent to Blunham Station serving the Sandy to Bedford line.The station opened in 1862 closing in 1968, but following the demise of rail links, the tracks were taken up around the 1970's, together with the bridge spanning Station Road, leading out of the village to nearby Chalton , also being dismantled later on. Here follows a listing of Tenants and Landlords from records researched.

1st Licence granted 1863
William Goodman ( Railway Inn ) 1863-69
Nathaniel Kifford King (Railway Tavern) 1869-88
Thomas Bossingham (Railway Tavern) 1888-1901
Mrs Rhoda Bossingham (Wells and Winch) 1901-14
Harry Bossingham 1914 - 1935
Mr Baxter 23-05-1935 - 1939
Mrs Ann, May Baxter 20-02-1939 - 1955
Harry Robinson 06-07-1955 - 1961
Sydney Reid 18-10-1961 - 1966
This Public House now closes
New Licence granted and renamed 'The Tavern'
Jim Sawford (Tempsford Businessman) 1979-83
Andrew Vaughn (Ex. Mgr. and Chef of J.S. ) 1983-86
Christine Barbara Jennings 1986-87
Patricia Gudgin (Gudgeon ?) 1987-90
Change of name yet again to 'The Huntress' by 23-03-1992
Mateo Lopez 1990-94
Thomas Keohane 1994-2000

After a spell as a thriving resturant and bar, The Huntress closes and is converted to a luxury Prvate Dwelling


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