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Blunham Pubs: The Salutation

By Bill Exley

The Salutation (on the left) circa 1906
The Salutation 2003

The Salutation public house is a grand building situated just along High Street in the centre of Blunham village. The pub name outside is one of the oldest in England, its origin dating back to horsemen taking a stirrup - cup or Salutary drink in days of old. ( L. Salus, health or Salutare, to wish health to.) During my researches it was found that the original name was 'The Ragged Staff', changing to 'The Salutation' during 1768 for reasons unknown. Here follows a listing of Occupiers to date, derived from records researched at Bedford Archives and information supplied by Greene King, Brewers of fine Ales.

The Salutation was 8 High Street at one time

Edmund Turner 1st known occupant of 'The Ragged Staff'  
Samuel and Anne Osbourne 16th October 1646
Anne Osbourne, widow later admitted  
Richard Orlebar 1759
Henry Dennis (Now The Salutation) 20th July 1768
Thom and Rachel. Bassett 13th April 1802
Rachel Bassett 1822
Thom. Clarkson  1827
Geo. Thomas Scruby 22nd September 1836
Thom. Nicholls 15th August 1844
Joseph Lovell 25th June 1845
Wm. Scruby 7th May 1849
W.J. Nash was the landlord at this time  
Sam. Mardlin in 1854
James, John Baker 1869
Jane, James 1872
Wm. Jeffries 1873
Chas. and Wm. Howard 1874
The first licence is granted to Wm. Howard in 1877
Chas. Penwright 5th August 1881
Newland now joins up with a Susan Nash as owners.  
Chas Henry Clarke 1888
Wm. Fuller 1896
Fredrick Geo. Howe 1898
Newlands and Nash still in control.  
Wm Hill 1906
Wm. Thom. Davey 1910
Mrs Davey, widow 1933
Wm. Hawkins, comes down from the 'White Horse' 13th June 1934
Wells and Winch take over in 1938
Harry Hawkins (son) 29th March 1950
Frank Payne 11th May 1955
Alec Taylor 16th July 1958
moves up to the White Horse 11th January 1961
Arthur Cammack, change over to Greene King here 27th January 1961
Dora, Beatrice Edwards 17th August1961
Tom and Margaret Curzon 5th September 1962
Barry, Magella Thompson 4th April 1965
Ed., Mavis Randall 1st February 1967
Jim and Pat Collier 1st November 1972
Brian, Pauline Fox 6th January 1982
Robin, Beryl Cowley 27th March 1985
Roy and Susan Walsh, move from 'White Horse' 11th Sept 1986
350 years of History this day 2nd October 1996
Geo. Mc.Arthur 11th June 1998
Mike, Lyn Jupp 27th July 1999
Bill & Andrea Smith 26th February 2004
Keith Graham & Louise Jackson 10th August 2005
Paul & Jamie Mead 19th June 2007
Brendan Clifford (manager) 20th January 2008
Michael and Victoria Crooks 20th March 2008
Donna and David Wisbey 26th July 2010
John and Lesley Hunt 4th February 2011
The Salutation closed 11th December 2011.


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