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Blunham Pubs: The White Horse

By Bill Exley

This (now) modern built public house stands on high ground, it's main entrance and frontage overlooking the hill and the fields beyond, locally known as THE BRICK FIELDS but recently returned to agricultural use. It was built on the corner site of Park Lane and The Hill for Greene King Breweries of Biggleswade, opening for trade on the 4th January 1961 with Alec Taylor behind the bar. The present White Horse building was built in the garden of the OLD WHITE HORSE, and on completion the old White Horse building was demolished. Later a house (1a Park Lane) was built on that plot. In bygone years the locals called this quiet walk to the River Ivel, Back Lane. Here follows a listing of occupiers to date:-

Benj and Eliz Palmer.

Prior to 1785
Benj and Mary Eyre. (Cottage, Close and Orchard) 25th July 1785
Mary Ayres (Eyre.) widow 29th January1801
'Old White Horse' erected on the orchard site. 22nd August 1805
John Elwood, granted 1st. Licence for Beer House. 1832 - 1877
Managers were: Thos. Strickland of Potton, 3rd September 1836
Arthur Nash of Royston 1st August 1863
James Home of Potton (Not Tenants.) 1876
George Goodship. ( Occupier). 1st July 1880
James Russell. 1885 - 1894
Stephen Russell, with Newland and Nash as Owners. 1894 - 1906
We now see the change over to Wells and Winch, Brewers 1922
Wm. Hawkins, later moves over to 'The Salutation' 1924 - 1934
Chas. Wm. James Albone takes over 13th June 1934
John Herbert and Emily Harding (see photo. below) 9thAugust1944 - Dec.1960
Opening By Mr Odell for Greene King the new 'White Horse' 4th January 1961
Alec Wm. Hughes Taylor, comes up from 'The Salutation' 11th January 1961
Donald and June Stephenson 20th September 1961
John Dennis 9th December 1964
Tom and Zina Thomlinson. 16th May 1966
Hugh and Mary Baird. 17th July 1968
Thom. and Josie Davies. 11th March 1970
Doug and Amy Powell. 18th September 1974
Nigel and Carol Gudgion 3rd July 1980
Roy and Susan Walsh 25th July 1984
200 Years of History handed to Roy and Susan on their 1st. Anniversary as Publicans

25th July 1985

This Public House now closes and Roy and Susan move down to The Salutation P.H

11th Sept 1986.

The building, now 22 The Hill, reverts to a private dwelling this day 11th Sept 1986

Emily and Herbert John Harding outside the old White Horse

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