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Blunham Parish Hall was built in 1929, it is now called Blunham Village Hall. The hall is run by a management committee. During 1997 and 1999 a lot of money was spent bringing the hall up to date. The hall received grants which allowed the kitchen to be modernised in 1997. In 1999 Mid Beds and the Parish Council gave grants and the hall had double glazed windows fitted throughout. The meeting room at the back of the hall was re-roofed, carpets were laid and heating put in, it was then re-decorated. The main hall was also re-decorated.

In 2001 after much fund raising, a £5000 lottery grant, a £3000 Mid Beds grant and a £2000 donation from Lloyds TSB, new ladies and gents tiolets and a disabled tiolet were fitted in the hall. After the modernisation of the toilets the rooms were then all redecorated.

In 2010 the village hall committee were able to secure several grants for the first phase of planned alterations to the hall.
The hall has now been rewired, a false roof has been put in the main hall and the walls insulated. The hall is now much more comfortable and pleasant to use.

In 2011 with another grant secured the second phase of alterations began when a new more welcoming entrance to the front of the hall was built.

With the entrance now finished it is hoped the committee will be able begin the third phase of our plans. This will include tidying up all the area outside the hall. The parking space will be replaced by a pre-school childrens' play area, french drains put in around the hall and the outside of the hall decorated.

Regular activities in the hall are:-

Future Events for Blunham Village Hall  

£7-50 includes cheese and wine.
Colin and Pauline Hinson will be displaying their old and newer photographs of Blunham. If you have any old photographs we could copy to print and show at the event please telephone us on 01767 640503. We will copy them while you wait or return them if you want to leave them with us.
Also if you have any other Blunham memorabilia we could borrow to show on the evening we would be grateful. Thank you.
Come along and enjoy some cheese and wine and an evening of memorabilia.

Lunch at 1.00pm in the village hall
Come along and enjoy sandwiches, scones with jam and cream, cakes all with tea or coffee for £7.50 per person.

The Annual General Meeting of the Village Hall will be held in the village hall at 7-30 pm.
Now is the time to get involved with the running of the village hall. The hall is owned by the village and is managed by the trustees who are elected at each AGM. We have one or two long serving trustees’ standing down this year and so now is a good opportunity to join.
If you would like further details about the role of a trustee, please contact Pauline Hinson on 01767 640503.

Charity Reg.No. 200220


Anyone requiring further information should contact Pauline Hinson on 01767 640503

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