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Radar Displays

At the museum we have 3 radar display consoles: types 60, 61 and 64. The 60 and 64 were used for PPI (Plan Position Indicator) displays, and the 61 for "A" scan and height finder displays. We have all 3 working, currently (June 2017)

A short description of these consoles is given below, but see the Air Publications (A.P.) for more details:

Additionally the following APs are associated with the consoles, being part of the Radar Office equipment:

Console 60.

is a PPI display console primarily for use in radio vehicle Type 5104.1, powered by internal mains driven power supplies with a glass cursor used to indicate the azication position of the relevant height finder. It is a moving coil display (i.e. the coils rotate around the neck of the CRT)

Its inputs are:


Power inputs:

Main components:

Console 61.

Powered by mains input, contains multiple power supplies. 2 modes of display on the lower (blue) screen: "A scan" and Height finder and IFF/Radar video on the top (blue) screen.

This console is by far the worst Radar equipment to work on that I have ever met!


Console 64.

A PPI or height finder display powered by external power supplies. It is a Fixed Coil display and there are two main types:

Console 64 description

Console 64 re-furbishment


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